My Sweet Home


What is My Sweet Home? It’s not a structure or a building of any type.  My sweet home is wherever my family is and I want to make that space as sweet and beautiful for them as I possibly can.  I truly believe that making my home a place of comfort, joy and beauty not only make me happy but my family happy as well.

My Sweet Home is a lifestyle  magazine for women who find joy in making their home a beautiful place.  A place where they can let there creativity soar and feel safe to try new things and explore new ideas.  A place where we can get messy and it doesn’t matter. We are not perfect and that’s what makes us awesome.

With every magazine you can expect articles about fun finds and ways of making old items into new.  I also write a lot about food and share fun and easy recipes.  You might also find articles about being a mom. Most importantly I talk about my faith and the importance of taking care of yourself.

Let’s take this journey together.  Welcome to My Sweet Home!



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